Monday, February 20, 2006

Rule Number One

Luckily, purple is a good color for me, given the frequency with which I turn body parts that color. Today, despite Rule #1 (which is "No pain," for those of you following along at home), I jammed two fingers straight into the wall, at full speed, while trying to hit a handball (I talked S into playing today, because I have to play tomorrow night and I haven't played in a few weeks). I missed the shot, too. After writhing around for a couple of minutes, I wrapped more duct tape around my fingers and kept playing, but every so often I'd hit the ball in exactly the wrong way. It's not nearly as bad as it could be--everything's a little tender, the knuckles are a little swollen on my middle finger, and there's a bruise on the tip of my index finger--so I'll just drug up with ibuprofen and use duct tape tomorrow and I should be fine. It's also worth pointing out that I'm likely to be playing someone who's a lot better than I am, meaning the games will be short. Painful, perhaps, but short.

Also, we played Refrigerator Bingo today--I yanked out a bunch of containers that had been in there for awhile, or that seemed like they might be moldy and disgusting, or whatever, and got Craw to go through them with me. The salsas were mostly okay. The old coconut milk, not so much; he said it didn't even smell like coconut any more. The pineapple with mold on it is gone, as is the three tablespoons of caramel left from about November, maybe December, from school. I also found a jar of stuff that was unlabeled and I could not identify. It looked okay--no mold or other growths on it--and I was pretty sure it was mine (it was kind of sweet/gingery-smelling, which is a sign that it's mine), but I had no memory of what it was. Craw sniffed it (bringing to mind George Carlin's meatcake), and even tasted it (!), he being a braver soul than I am, and I finally figured out that it was the glaze I concocted for the Thanksgiving desserts. It's mostly jelly of one kind or another, I think, maybe with some simple syrup in it (remembering what I put in it is probably beyond me), and he says he'll use it, so it went back in with the salsas. It'll probably resurface again, untouched, in a few months.


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