Sunday, February 12, 2006

Saturday's Work and Sunday's Rest

Saturday, well, Saturday was the Day of a Thousand Croissants. Saturday's tasks, in full:
  • cut up Friday's 72 pounds of dough into six-pound pieces and letting it rest in the freezer
  • make cinnamon streusel for the funeral cakes and grease the 25 pans
  • laminate 12 pieces of croissant dough (i.e., shape each piece into a rough rectangle, take 1.5 pounds of butter and cut it up and pound on it until it, too, is a smaller rectangle, enfold the butter in the dough, trim the dough so the whole thing resembles a sandwich more than a package, roll it out on the dough sheeter to the proper thickness and dimensions, and fold it up onto the pan)
  • put a second set of folds into each of the twelve pieces of dough (i.e., run it through the sheeter again, along a different dimension, and fold it again) and leave them all in the freezer to rest for a couple of hours
  • make 24.5 funeral cakes (the batch size I make usually yields 25+ cakes, but we were out of sour cream, so the batch was slightly smaller)
  • move the 12 pieces of dough into the walk-in refrigerator so it doesn't get too frozen
  • check on how the croissants are selling, seeing as how I put several dozen more in the store on Saturday, and discover they're selling like the proverbial hotcakes, only they're croissants
  • make croissants for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (because I won't be around on Sunday or Monday), which results in approximately 450 croissants total, each one shaped by my little hands
So, yeah, I worked until nearly 6:00 last night, meaning I missed having dinner with Craw and the Kid--but, hey, I got more than seven hours of overtime last week.

I miss handball terribly. I still get to a yoga class at least once a week--generally on Sunday morning, and sometimes on Tuesday or Wednesday night--but I just can't make it to handball at all on Saturday. Now that I know what the requirements of the job are--how the work load is distributed, I mean--I might be able to rig something so I can play on Thursday or Tuesday, at least until the busy season starts, but I doubt it'll be a regular thing. I might look for players closer to the bakery or something, which wouldn't be ideal but would still be better than not playing at all. I miss the exercise, for one thing--even though my job is physically taxing, it's by no means the same thing as playing a game--and I miss the actual game. Feh. I usually drag my gym clothes to work with me, unless I know it's going to be impossible, but that makes me even more annoyed, because then I've lugged the extra weight to work and back home without ever actually using the crap.

Okay, it's time to chill. Craw and the Kid are napping in the other bedroom, and then there's talk of going to the conservatory and seeing plants, plus there's some kind of chocolate fest, too. Our plan was that Craw would take the Kid back to the Kid's mother's house at the usual time--i.e., leave here around 3:00--which would give me a chance to clean the bathroom and give me and Craw some time together later. Of course, mom called, oh, an hour and a half ago, and said she's going to the movies with her mom and won't be back until 4:30 or so. Plans? What plans? I really, really hate having my day screwed up like that. And, of course, if Craw complains--which he doesn't do nearly enough--then she turns into the royal pain in the ass from hell, so I have the choice of complaining to him, thus making him miserable from both sides, or not saying anything, which is usually impossible for me. I try to limit my commentary, but it annoys the fuck out of me. I suppose I shouldn't be so surprised: This is the woman who expected Craw to drop off the Kid at her place after our wedding in June. Yes, you read that correctly: she thought Craw was going to shlep out to her place to drop off the Kid, because, you know, she's leaving to visit her extended family the next day, so she's busy and all. I'm sure there are plenty of people who are more selfish and lazy, but I tend to eliminate them from my life so I don't have to deal with them. I don't have any choice in this case, which means I get a much closer experience with these behaviors than I otherwise would. I guess I can regard it as a learning experience, eh?


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