Monday, February 13, 2006

Why, yes,

I AM procrastinating, now that you mention it . . . I've finished my laundry, however, and I've cleaned out some of the crap from under the bed and herded some of the larger dust buffalo out from under there, and I paid a bill. The only two household chores left on the list are cleaning the pit that is the bathroom and getting a few groceries, the latter because I'm bringing dessert to a dinner party on Saturday and I should make things ahead of time whenever possible. I was contemplating working on the raspberry and chocolate mousse dessert I'm developing, but I think I'm going to go the easier route and just make a chocolate espresso tart. Hard to go wrong with chocolate, and, despite the crankiness of the chocolate sweet dough, it's still an easier task than the other one.

One of the side effects of my current schedule--my schedule since last July, for that matter--is that I no longer read a newspaper on a regular basis. I try to get the Sunday NY Times, but I'm lucky if I've read the whole thing by the next Sunday, and I read some favorite blogs, and I usually check the Times online, but I don't sit down with a newspaper every day, for the first time in about 15 years. Given that I don't watch television, either--seriously, the television is on in our house about an hour a week, if we're lucky--I mostly get news snippets from the aforementioned sources and from the radio in the morning. Since I listen to a local rock station rather than, say, NPR, I don't get a lot of news from there, either. (I cannot abide talk radio in the morning. I don't mind--I actually enjoy--music, and I particularly like the DJ on my station, but the news-talk thing? I hate it.) The blogs are surprisingly helpful (digby, tbogg, and susie madrak keep me abreast of the latest scandals, generally), but I still miss my newspaper. The problem is that papers aren't delivered in my building before I leave for work and the newsstand in the subway station doesn't really open at 6:00 am (despite the proprietor's claims). I suppose I could try the boxes on the corner, if I could remember, and, really, that would be better than a subscription in that I wouldn't have to buy it every day, and I have about 30 minutes on the subway each way, so I could probably get through the bulk of the paper.

Okay, this procrastination is making me crazy. I want to get some things done, and then perhaps some ice skating with B, and possibly Craw and B and I getting together for a beer or something later this afternoon--and, with any luck, Craw and I discussing his job offer later. Which would be nice.


Blogger landismom said...

I'm with you on the NPR in the morning thing. My dh is an NPR junky, but I need some cheesy pop tunes on the way to work, not an in-depth story about the new Canadian prime minister or whatever. We do have a newspaper subscription, though, and I suffer mightily if I haven't had a chance to peruse the headlines, at least.

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