Thursday, March 23, 2006


When you make a big (60-pound) batch of something, you rarely end up with exactly the right amount. Ideally, you want to be a little bit over; for example, when I make the funeral cakes, I shoot for 25, and I usually end up with 25.5 or so. I put the extra in a smaller pan and we cut it up for samples. For other things, though, the extra bit gets made into something that the guys call "lunch," i.e., a unit that's too small to sell, but just the right size for eating. So far this week, I've scored a small loaf of cinnamon raisin brioche (it's in the freezer, but will eventually be made into French toast), a hunk of the California bread (a wheat dough with apricots, cranberries, nuts, and something else) that was sitting around this morning, and, in what turned out to really be my lunch, a small loaf of walnut-roasted onion bread that was truly fab. I cut it in half while it was still warm and threw some of the Swiss cheese for the croissants in the middle and it was extremely quite good. You're never gonna go hungry if you work in a bakery.


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