Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Work Stuff

Things about my coworkers that are entertaining:
  • they like to imitate the sounds of various mechanical things (timers especially)
  • they're a pretty friendly bunch, despite the language barrier
Things that are less entertaining:
  • One of them always and all the time has the radio on, which wouldn't be so terrible, except that it plays this syrupy spanish music all the time; it gets on my last nerve some days.
  • One of the native-english speakers comments on how dumb the dishwasher is, quite frequently. This may be true (I really have no way to tell), but the guy is a 50-something-year-old (I think) dishwasher, who is probably barely literate in his native language and whose english is nearly non-existent. Just how smart do you think he'd be? Not everyone can be a fucking genius, you know?
  • The one with the music also takes up a lot of space. He works hard, and quickly, but dude, the kitchen ain't that big; you gotta share.
I'm sure there's more, but I'm tired.

Oh--our bakery was featured briefly on a local TV show. The owner was talking about the various things (like king cakes and this Polish thing that I don't remember how to spell or pronounce) we made for Fat Tuesday. This cute 20-something came in and filmed stuff and tried a beignet (which we don't normally make, but when TV stations want you to make a beignet, you say you make them) and so on. While wandering around, she filmed bits of this and that--and my hands, of all things, made it into the segment. I was rolling out croissant dough at the time, so it's fitting.


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