Monday, April 10, 2006

One Headlight

That's what S had until yesterday, when I went to his place and helped him replace the one that had blown out. (He's got a Jetta, and it's difficult to replace the driver's-side bulb without taking out the battery, but my hands are sufficiently smaller than his so that I could do it for him, which he appreciated greatly.) It's a fine day here--nearly 70 degrees, sunny, clear--and I must get outside again eventually; maybe when the laundry is done. (I have to do at least a load of whites every week so I have clean chef clothes.) I dutifully made lists of apartments yesterday, but haven't done much about it today. There are several chores I'm avoiding today--send shoes off to one of our commenters here, return the library books and get some new ones, buy a few groceries, price moving boxes, get some facial moisturizer so I can stop smearing body lotion on my face, corral the dust buffalo roaming the apartment, wash the pans from the other night--and I can't bring myself to give a rat's ass.


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