Monday, April 03, 2006

Space Considerations

The great apartment search is on, even though the lease isn't up until the end of July. Craw and I can't afford this apartment plus parking on our current household income, so a move is necessary. The upside, such as it is, is that we've been spending so much on rent plus parking that we'll be able to find something cheaper without a problem. It remains to be seen what we do about our living arrangements, but we know we're moving out of here, so I wanted to start seeing what the other neighborhood possibilities are. I've been pleasantly surprised so far, though I haven't looked at any actual apartments (a lot of stuff is online, so I can check out floor plans and the like).

I hate moving, though, and the thought of doing that makes me cringe. In my previous city, I lived in seven different apartments in five years, and it was a complete pain in the ass. In this city, I've lived in five apartments in nearly 20 years, and only three buildings. (Twice I've moved within a building, including this last time.) I've lived in this building since 1998, and we've lived in this apartment since 2001, I think. It's not a huge place, so we haven't had the luxury of stashing stuff in an attic or garage or something like that, though Craw does have some stuff in the basement and in his ex-wife's garage and maybe at his mom's place. All of my stuff, such as it is, is here, which will make the packing and moving portion of the program slightly less onerous for me. It would be nice if we didn't have to hire movers, though we'll almost certainly have to rent a truck.

I've realized that the things I want are: proximity to public transportation to work; a gas stove; preferably a southern exposure and actual sunlight; heat included in the rent; and onsite laundry. A reasonable grocery store nearby would be nice. It would be very nice if friends with cars can find a place to park when they visit (in some neighborhoods that's practically impossible). A decent kitchen is pretty much a must--that turns out to be way more important to me than I once realized. (By "decent" I mean "enough counter space to cook and a nearby dining area, so I can talk to guests while I prepare their dinners.") Access to cable and high-speed internet is important, and likely not a problem, though we'll have to pay for it on top of the rent (it's included in the rent in this building). A dishwasher would be lovely, but not a necessity; since a fair number of the buildings at which I'm looking are relatively recent rehabs, it's not out of the question. I don't much care about having a microwave; we have one built in here, but I've otherwise always made do without one. I really like having a window in the bathroom, particularly in the shower, but that's just icing and not necessary at all. I prefer hardwood floors to carpet. I don't care at all about air conditioning; there are window units in this building, and I can count the number of times they've been turned on, mostly when Craw's mom is in town.

Yeah, I know, I know, I'm rushing things, but that's the way my mind works. I like to organize whatever can be organized, because I find it minimizes hassles. I've learned to pack boxes in an organized fashion, not least because it makes unpacking them easier. I've learned which things must be dealt with first: the cold/frozen food, the shower curtain, the bed, the stereo, just about in that order. I've learned to start packing as early as possible, which enables getting rid of the crap that one doesn't want to move and minimizes the chances of a last-minute-packing nightmare. There are various other nightmares in my head right now, but, luckily, it's getting late and I have to work tomorrow, so I'll put them aside for now; it's not like they're going to go away, but it's also not like I'm going to solve them tonight, or here. Out of curiousity, though, what do you consider when you move?


Blogger landismom said...

It's funny you should ask--the other night, I was talking to my neighbor about how many people are moving out of our neighborhood, and I asked her if she was thinking about it. She said, "no, they can take me out of this house in my coffin." I sort of have the same feeling, although I think it's largely due to the massive exhaustion I feel when I contemplate the possibility of having to move all the kid stuff.

Most of my major moving considerations up to this point have involved 1) where are we boarding the cats? 2) what are we doing with the kid(s)? (that's lower on the consideration list simply because we've moved way more times as cat owners than we have as parents) & 3) when will the phone be turned on?

7:49 AM  
Blogger kStyle said...

We own our little space now, so no moving until we can afford to buy again...and hopefully the next palce will be either a townhouse OR free-standing. We require:

*lots of light
*cats allowed
*good vibes
*no residual smoky smell

3:02 PM  

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