Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Space Odyssey

I forgot how much I fucking hate moving. Actually, I take that back: the moving itself is relatively painless, thanks to my many systems (more on that in a second), but the finding of the apartment just blows. I'm now dashing out of work (yesterday, today, and probably tomorrow, too) to go see prospective apartments, and what I've mostly seen are uninhabitable (by me) shitholes. The first one wasn't too bad--except the laundry was outside and down the back stairs and then into the basement, and I am WAY too fucking old to be doing that in the middle of February so I have clean socks. The second two weren't much better, though the laundry was in the building. The fourth one had incredible counter space, but not much else to recommend it, plus it was on the first floor, which I don't particularly like. The rest of the place was tiny. The fifth and sixth ones (in the same building as the fourth one) had kitchens the size of closets, and that's just not workable for me. The guy who was showing those apartments told me about another building, however, where the rent is a little bit higher BUT the kitchens are being completely redone AND there are separate dining areas. I'm hoping to see those tomorrow. Today's apartment got a fair amount of light, but it was on the first floor and it had an electric stove. The building manager also manages the building across the street, where they have jacuzzis and in-unit washers and dryers, but no vacancies right now. The biggest problem is that not everyone knows what they're going to have for June, but I don't want to break the lease for this place unless and until I know I have a place to go. Cross your fingers that the ones with the new kitchens will be nice.

As for the move itself, well, what a surprise, I have systems for that, too. Only pack things you actually want to take with you. Throw shit out. Start packing as soon as you can. Pack everything you're taking in an actual box. Label each box with the contents and where it goes. Have enough people (if you're not hiring movers, and I don't think we can afford to do that)--this one may prove to be the biggest challenge for me. If you can, think about where things will go. Unpack in an order that makes sense. Unpack each box completely, rather than randomly opening boxes. Have enough beer and pizza for your movers.

But I don't need to bore you with this shit; there are several weeks before any actual moving will occur, and I have plenty of time to obsess.. Meanwhile, I have to make plans to go to my parents' 50th anniversary party--yes, with Craw. We decided to not dump our drama on my parents before their party.

At the bakery, we have a person working with us for a month who grew up in this city but has spent the last 12 years in England; she's a baker in a fancy hotel over there. She's sort of apprenticing with the boss, learning as much as she can. She seems nice enough, and a good enough baker and all, but she's acquired a British accent, after only 12 years, which just seems . . . odd to me. She's in her late 40s, so that makes it even stranger. I mean, I've lived here for nearly 20 years, and I still sound like where I came from rather than from here. I can see picking up some expressions and so on, but a whole accent?

We've also been making a zillion Easter and Passover products: today I was dipping the heads of lamb cakes in chocolate (white chocolate for the white cake with buttercream and coconut lambs and dark chocolate for the chocolate cake with fudge lambs). We've got macaroons, and honey cake, and multi-colored bread, and I don't know what all. Today i got stuck next to the radio for the lamb-head-dipping operation, which meant I had to listen to the shitty Spanish music for awhile, and then the whistler put on the baseball game, which was somewhat better, except I don't like the teams here. Whine, whine, whine. As you might have figured out, the drama has continued around here, and I'm still not going to write much about it. I'm going to return my library books and make some dinner, and maybe have a glass of wine, because I think there's a little left in the fridge.


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