Monday, May 29, 2006


I'm tired of dealing with haloscan--damn you, haloscan!--so I switched back to blogger for comments, which has the apparent effect of deleting all of your comments (or storing them in comment purgatory, maybe?). Which is a drag.

Okay, back to the packing and sorting (though I'm contemplating hiring movers; I'll at least get an estimate).


Blogger landismom said...

That is a drag! Is there some way to get help from Blogger?

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Larry Jones said...

I don't think the Haloscan comments are deleted, and there is a way to get them back. When I was on Blogger I never switched to Haloscan, even though Blogger blew from time to time. Because all of them blow from time to time. Right now it's Haloscan.

(BTW, other Haloscan sites had trouble in recent hours, but seem to be back on line now.)

10:00 AM  

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