Sunday, May 14, 2006

"Cozy" = "Small"

Things I did today: called my mom and wished her a happy mother's day; went to a yoga class; wandered around looking for apartments in a neighborhood in which I want to live; actually saw an apartment (really nice, but REALLY small; have to think about it); had lunch with the Kid, who seemed really glad to see me, and his father; read through a bunch of ads and identified a dozen or so places I want to see tomorrow; went grocery shopping. Things I didn't do but maybe should have done: laundry; sorting through the bills and such in my mail basket; some more cleaning or organizing (I did do some yesterday, as this apartment had turned into a circle of hell). I have to stay reasonably organized this week, as my flight on Saturday is at 9-something in the morning. I'd been thinking it was noon, but that's actually when I get in. It remains to be seen whether I'm going to have company with me at the 50th anniversary party; it's clear, however, that it's gonna kinda suck for me no matter what happens. If D goes with me, he's going to be miserable, and likely I will be too, though perhaps we can manage a good front. If he doesn't go with me, some story will have to be told to my parents, and a story (not necessarily the same one) will have to be told to all the party guests, many of whom attended the wedding less than a year ago and will wonder where he is if he's absent. Forward to this I am not looking. I keep reminding myself that it's for my parents, that it is NOT about me, that I can get through it and even enjoy some of it, and that what's most important is that THEY enjoy it.

While walking to Whole Paycheck today, I could see the fog rolling in off the lake, which is always a trip. I've always loved fog, and the apartments in which I've lived for the past 12 years have afforded an amazing sight when it happens.

One of my yoga classmates is moving at the end of the month (to the area of town where I want to live, no less), and she's promised me her moving boxes. I'm going to see if That Brazen Tart wants to get rid of hers, too, which will solve the problem of finding the boxes. Transporting them might be a little more difficult, but perhaps not. And even though I'm determined to see a bunch of apartments tomorrow--and, hey, maybe I'll even rent one of them--I've otherwise decided to give myself off from the search until I get back. I'm going to have to work longer hours this week, because (a) we're starting the farmers' markets in a big way this week, which means increased production, but (b) I'm not going to be here next Saturday. (I also wouldn't mind getting in my 40 hours in the four days I'll have to work; that's the down side of hourly work, for sure.)

The place I saw today almost convinced me. It got reasonable sunlight (including a window in the bathroom, which I like), it has a great kitchen area (big stainless steel fridge, nice countertops, dishwasher, microwave, lots of cupboards--not a gas stove, but one of those flat-top stoves, which are okay), it has a washer and dryer in the unit, and it's close to transportation. It's a condo, and the owner is keeping it even though he's moving out. The downside, however, is that it is quite, quite small. I would not have room for my kitchen table and chairs (and I kind of like them, even though they're getting kind of in need of a cleanup), the desk would be a squeeze even though it's a small desk, and I'm not sure all the bookshelves would fit. I saw a different apartment on Friday, and the dealbreaker on that one was the have-to-go-outside-and-down-three-flights-to-do-laundry part, plus the walk from the el to the apartment is through a not-great area. Given my current occupation and the need to do laundry frequently, the former will wear exceedingly thin in February. The apartment was very large, though--too big, almost. (I feel like Goldilocks--too big, too small. I'm holding out for just right.)

I had a nice conversation with the guy today. I told him that with every apartment I've ever had that I really liked, when I walked in I thought, "This could be home." I almost felt that today--the washer/dryer is extremely appealing, and the kitchen is nice, though small--but I think I can get more space for that price, even if I sacrifice the washer/dryer and dishwasher. A surprising number of apartments have dishwashers, so I could get lucky on that one. I found a penny today; maybe the luck will carry through to tomorrow.


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