Friday, May 05, 2006

Phone Me

I am an idiot. I got a new cellphone, because I could. That is, even though my old phone worked okay, it's getting old, and it's (literally) been through the wash--it stopped working briefly, but Craw dried it out and brought it back to life for me--and I was switching plans anyway, so I asked if I could get a new phone and they said yes. Anyway, it's a flip phone, which actually would not have been my first choice. So today I'm on the landline with Craw and the cell rings and I manage to answer it long enough to arrange a callback later, and I get back on the phone w/ Craw and mention that I haven't figured out how to answer my new phone yet. "Is it a flip phone?" he asks. Yes. "Just open it; that answers it." I laughed hysterically--I had no idea that that's how one answered the phone--I kept looking for a button to push. And, really, laughing is good.


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