Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ready . . . Set . . . Move

The building manager called yesterday and wondered if I would be interested in getting out of here by July 1, because there's someone in the building who for-sure wants the apartment then. So I'm going to tell her yes, which will save a little money, which means I have about six weeks to find a place to live, sort and pack everything, and move. Sometimes you gotta say what the fuck. Time to enter the Zone--you know the one. The one where you make lists and do the next thing on the list without thinking too hard about it, and then cross it off and move to the thing after that. If I can get moving boxes in here by next week, I'll be in pretty good shape, I think. (Or so I tell myself.) I'll need someone to drive a rental truck for me, but I bet I can talk S into doing it if he's around, and I know he's capable of it. (I have a driver's license but you really don't want me to use it, and especially not for a big truck. I would have nightmares about this--literally--if I let myself think about it.)

I saw Craw's new place today, and it's pretty nice. It's a little on the small side, but, given the sequence of events, he ended up in a pretty good place. (That is, he probably could have gotten more apartment for about the same or a little more money, but this way he didn't have to completely break a lease that was only about a month old, he could move within his building, etc.) He doesn't have room for all of his stuff, meaning he'll have to store some things somewhere, but, realistically, he could also move when this lease is up next year, and he can manage nicely in this place in the meanwhile.

We still haven't figured out what to tell my parents: Craw really doesn't want to go to the 50th anniversary party, but what excuse is plausible but not hurtful? Work is probably not a good excuse; what employer would demand that you skip your inlaws' 50th anniversary party? Feigned illness requires something dire enough to prevent attendance but not so dire as to raise alarms. As of now, they all still think Craw's attending, but it's on the 21st, and the RSVP date is this Friday, so we'd better come up with something soon. And I'm trying not to think about flying, which I'll have to do and which I hate even more than driving a car.


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