Sunday, May 28, 2006

Some wine with that blackout?

So J shlepped me to pick up boxes from the back porch of the Brazen Tart, and then she came back here with me and packed books for awhile, even dusting them before packing. She did that while I sorted clothing and packed a few boxes and tried to think. Then I insisted on taking her to a local quasi-asian joint, where we had food, and wine . . . and then the lights went out. The power was out for quite awhile, so we were comped our dinner plus a lot of wine (a bottle plus) and Enrique brought three bowls of dessert (vanilla ice cream, coconut ice cream, and lichee nut sorbet) on top of that. The lights came on about 15 minutes before we left, but we were still comped (even though, by the time the lights came on, we were the only non-employees in the joint). Needless to say, Enrique got an even larger cash tip than usual. He always comped me and Craw extravagantly, and a few weeks ago, when he wasn't there and we asked for Carlos instead, we were comped half our meal. We tend to tip, large, in cash, and it comes back to us. More tonight than usual, of course, as dinner only cost the tip.

Tomorrow is the Emma Goldman Festival of Sorting and Packing. A lot more of the former than the latter, as I don't have a lot of boxes yet, but that's okay. My yoga buddy is moving Tuesday, and she has promised me free boxes AND bubble wrap and the like, when she's done with it, so I don't have the heart, or the budget, to buy what I can get for free. It means I can only sort rather than pack a lot of things, but that's okay. I've decided that sorting things into piles is nearly the same as packing, and I'm probably right about that. Right this minute, I don't give a shit. (Wine does that to a person.)


Blogger landismom said...

Have fun with your packing. Hope it's not too painful a move.

9:57 AM  
Blogger kStyle said...

Hurray for Carlos and Enrique. When we lived in FramingWorld, we became friends with Ladhi (sp?), the waiter at the Indian restaurant. We still miss him sometimes.

10:07 AM  

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