Thursday, June 29, 2006

Headbangers' Ball

That's what's going on in my apartment right now, sort of. I had this portable CD player--a nice one--that I'd purchased about six months before I got the iPod. It's been sitting around, idle, ever since the Pod came along. Brad happened to mention the other day that he needs a CD player for his kitchen at home, so I told him he could have the portable. He'll need to wire it to speakers or something, but I'm sure he can figure that out. He wanted to know how much I wanted in exchange, and I didn't really want anything--I haven't used it in more than two years, and I'm just happy it has a new home. But I could tell he wasn't entirely comfortable with that--he offered lunch (a Philly cheesesteak, from the one place in the city where that menu item bears some resemblance to the cheesesteaks I've known and loved), and I said okay. Later yesterday, though, I said, "I know what I want: lunch, and a mix CD of your favorite music." I know he likes a lot of headbanging stuff, and there's no way I'd ever go buy any of that, but I thought it would be interesting to hear a fan's favorites. He brought it in today, and I have it on now--unfortunately, he neglected to label the tracks, so I have no idea to what I'm listening. ("Let the bodies hit the floor" is the current refrain; it's apparently from a band called Drowning Pool, or so Google tells me.) I think my request completely surprised him, and kind of pleased him as well.

I've kind of stalled with regard to getting things set up around the abode. I got a new phone system, and I'll probably set that up tonight, and I managed to make chicken stock and freeze it, but I haven't wired up the DVD player (I need a Y connector and an RF modulator), I haven't hung any pictures, I haven't found a home for two of the big plants, I haven't found a home for one of the green racks, and I haven't sorted the pile of crap that's on the chair next to the desk. None of these is insurmountable or even difficult; I just haven't gotten around to any of it. I even got out of work early-ish today (and yesterday, for that matter)--I can't tell whether I'm not working hard enough (i.e., finding other things to do) or whether I'm just being efficient. Rather than making all of the croissants myself, we've been running the almond and chocolate ones down the make-up line, which means that it takes about five or six of us about a half hour to make upwards of 350 croissants. I try to be organized about it so it takes minimal amounts of other people's time, and, since we're closed on Tuesday and there won't be any farmers' markets that day, I have fewer to prepare for the next four days. I'm going to work on Sunday, though, mostly because I can't afford a day off and partly because not working on Sunday will make next week's production more problematic, even with the advance stuff I'm getting done this week.

Okay; time to get at least one thing done around here.


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