Saturday, June 17, 2006


In addition to that being the name of the dog we had when I was a kid, I'm feeling lucky right now, even though my arm is in pretty severe pain. I was stupid--I had my arm in the bowl of the 40-quart mixer, scooping streusel out, before the paddle had completely stopped, and I wasn't paying attention, and the paddle crushed my arm between it and the bowl. I had lowered the bowl about halfway, so it smushed (and really badly bruised) my arm, but didn't break it. I got through work, but it hurts--and I'm still feeling lucky. (Okay, REALLY lucky would have been not getting my arm smushed at all, but, given a smushing, one that doesn't break anything is really preferable.) Yesterday I whacked myself in the temple with a full sheet pan and crushed my index finger between a wheel and a heavy rack, and the skin on my heels is cracking and sore (thanks to Krazy Glue for Skin, I can seal up the cracks, more or less), so I've kind of taken a beating the last couple of days. I have some last-minute things to do, but they're just not going to get done tonight, I can tell. J is coming over tomorrow when she gets up, and other volunteers are coming over a little later ("later" given how early J usually gets up, anyway; she's the only person, other than my mother, whom I can call at 6:15 am and not worry about waking), and I'm going to enlist them to move the electronica, the plants, and a couple of boxes I don't want the movers to move. I'll probably clean here, as best I'm able, while waiting for the movers, and I have to get the crap out of the freezers and refrigerator.

Mostly, I'm tired. Yes, there's pain of various sorts, but that makes me tired, too. I have no idea whether I'll actually get back my internet connection by Monday--the cable people (and the phone people) are theoretically coming in the morning, but who knows how that will work out--so this may be the last dispatch for a few days. And I'm going to have to start paying for that shit, to the tune of nearly $100/month (it's free in this building).

Blah, blah, blah; yes, of course there's all kinds of psychological bullshit going on, but I think it's better if it stays in my head, where I can ignore it properly.


Anonymous Larry Jones said...

Damn, you are lucky! I'll be watching for you to get back online. In the meantime, look both ways at street corners.

1:58 AM  
Blogger kStyle said...

Aw, babe! What a poopy string of injuries. I wish you some rest. Since I'm not a total atheist (though not organizedly religious, either), I'll shoot a prayer to St Jude for you. It's been a while--I hope he remembers me.

8:10 AM  

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