Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Random Notes

My forearm has turned an interesting shade of purplish-brown, but the pain is actually more in the joints (wrist, shoulder, a little in the hand), probably from the wrenching.

I did not go to yoga tonight (as readers of the last post already know), and I sorely/surely need to do that one of these damn days. It's not entirely clear yet whether I'll be able to carve out a space for yoga in the living room, but I think I will. (There's more room in the bedroom, but also carpeting, which doesn't mix well with yoga mats.)

I actually have an even better lake view from my bed than I did in the last apartment! It's not head-on, given that the bed can't be opposite the window, given the closets that are there, but it's really pretty amazing.

The apartment only has one ceiling fan, in the dining area, and there is practically no cross-ventilation, so more fans are going to be required. I may be able to make do with the one other fan I have.

Casualties of the move so far: one crystal glass and one really beautiful dish from an old friend. Two of the three movers were kind of dicks--they were determined that the move was going to last as long as possible/estimated, and it took them longer to unload the truck than it did to load it, which is ridiculous.

My hallway looks like a Home for Abandoned and Neglected Boxes. A friend with a house has offered to take them all away and store the ones that are reusable (which is nearly all of them). Most of the boxes came from someone who works at the aquarium and are hence labeled "Instant Ocean," i.e., they once held salt. This means they're sturdy and a really useful size for about 85% of the things that need packing. The source of the boxes also had a bunch of bigger boxes, many of which had been used at least once or twice before she used them. It worked out well; I didn't buy a single box. Several rolls of packing tape, but no boxes.

This apartment has so much closet space that (a) I can stash a bunch of boxes that once lived under my bed, plus a bunch of boxes with which I'm not ready to deal, plus some other stuff, and (b) I can put all of my clothes out (rather than only the summer or the winter ones), and--get this--there's still room left over. I've never lived anywhere that had this much closet space. It's kind of surprising, actually, because the building was built in 1927 (the previous place was built in 1931, but was a hotel; it's not clear whether this had a life as a hotel, but I wouldn't be surprised), and old buildings (and houses) are notorious for the lack of closet space. People didn't have as much shit, plain and simple.

Okay; I've had pizza, cookies, ice cream (Fossil Fuel), and wine, so it's time for bed.


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