Monday, July 10, 2006

Now with more chores!

So far today I've:
  • purchased a monthly transit pass, which involved a trip to the currency exchange
  • done the laundry (including getting quarters at the currency exchange, a roll of which cost me a quarter, which is bogus but unavoidable)
  • bought milk--turns out the grocery store nearby is actually not half bad, as a coworker had said; they've got the organic milk I like (though only 2%, not 1%), and a wide variety of grains and such from ethnic
  • done a bunch of change-of-address details
  • called about a rebate for my phone, and found someone at Circuit City who was extremely helpful and enabled me to avoid printing crap to get the rebate (I now have a printer from my old job but no ink cartridges and no idea whether the thing still works)
  • swept the floor, albeit in half-hearted fashion
  • sorted crap in the hall closet
  • got the answering machine portion of the phone/answering machine to actually record messages (no idea what was wrong or how I fixed it, but I think it's working now)
The only chores I still want to accomplish today are cleaning the bathroom, finding the Phallic Monuments postcards, doing some yoga (which isn't a chore, exactly), and sorting through the various money-related bits of paper I have in piles. The whole subject of money is sending me into a panic these days, but I'm hoping that resolves a little soon.

I had an interesting conversation with Mom this morning, who informed me that she hasn't told anyone about what's happening with me and Dave. I'm glad she's done that--or hasn't done that, as the case may be--because, really, most people simply don't need to know. She's also worried, it turns out, that I'm "alone again," but I reminded her of all of the people at the wedding who are my friends, and I think that actually made her feel a little better. The problem for her, of course, is that she can't conceptualize a life without a husband as anything but "alone." I recognize that my life is difficult to sort through for someone with her background and experience--hell, it's not as though it's obvious to me how to make sense of my life--but she's learned how to take the bits of reassurance I offer, at least some of the time. Okay, time to get back to that list of chores.


Blogger Larry Jones said...

We have told ourselves various stories over the millenia about the sanctity of marriage, the need for fidelity, the importance of a stable couple (one man, one woman) at the head of a family and so on, and now there are a lot of us who can't see life any other way - like your mom, I guess.

But maybe it really is natural, and even necessary in some way, to hook up with one other person and let that person really know you, your quirks, your jokes, your smell, your fears and hopes. Someone who may not necessarily complete you, but who can at least complete your sentences.

Maybe this need accounts for the high rate of second, third and fourth marriages. We want a life partner - we just don't want to spend a lifetime on it.

(PS: This is a comment on your mother's feelings, not your own marriage, OK?)

3:51 PM  

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