Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Odds and Ends

I just need to hang pictures, and put away a smallish pile of crap, and figure out what to do with mail and bills, and hang things like the ironing board, and find frames for the Phallic Monuments of the World collection* so I can hang those, and hook up the printer, and deal with a couple of piles of bits of crap. Eventually I'll have to start cleaning again, too. The last bits always take longer, because it's the crap that was laying around with no particular home in the OLD place, too.

*Almost 15 years ago, on a whim that I don't even remember, I started a collection I called Phallic Monuments of the World, primarily by asking people to send or bring me items for the collection. It was mostly a postcard collection, and I encouraged people to be creative and thoughtful, rather than merely obvious, in their contributions. In fact, one of the things I like most about the collection is that most of it was contributed by other people, some of whom responded to the challenge in truly entertaining and amusing ways. I have some three-dimensional bits, too--an Empire State Building, the World Trade Center, the Eiffel Tower, etc.--but it's the postcards that are truly amusing. If I (a) find it and (b) frame it and (c) hang it and (d) find a camera, I'll post a picture of it for you.

Speaking of photos, the camera I got on the way to the anniversary party was kind of a dud. There are some great photos--me with my brother and two of my cousins, and one of my whole dad's side of the family (except a sister and her kids who live in Florida, plus one of the cousins from around here had left already), not to mention photos of me dancing with my nephews. I also managed to get a picture of the needlepoint I did as a wedding gift for my brother before the camera decided to die (with seven pictures unused):

I continue to discuss the World Cup with my coworkers, at least a little tiny bit, such that they now give me updates (today one of them came and told me that France had beaten Portugal). They've all been pitching in to do the massive croissant production, but I've managed to organize things such that it only takes about a half hour to do 14 pieces of dough (i.e., to make about 400 croissants). Friday and Saturday are still Festivals of Plain Croissants, and I can't always get help for that, but I figure it's a good tradeoff.

Okay, time to finish making the tea, watch a little more of the Tour de France, and go to bed.


Anonymous lisa marie said...

Croissant therapy. I could go for some of that. *grin* Hang in there!

8:44 AM  
Blogger landismom said...

Ah, the Festival of Plain Croissants. How I worship thee!

8:21 PM  

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