Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pizza Pizza

On a whim, I made pizza dough and pizza for my coworkers today. Jefe sprung for the cheese and sauce, Charlie picked them up (along with some spinach, mushrooms, and pepperoni; plus I grabbed some roasted onions from the walk-in) on one of his deliveries, and Brad gave me some advice, and there you have it: pizza. The spinach/mushroom/onion was more popular than the pepperoni/mushroom/onion, and one coworker requested some black olives on the spinach next time. So, hey, no problem--pizza every Saturday, as far as I'm concerned. If Jefe springs for the cheese and sauce and other stuff, I'll whip up the dough when I come in on Saturday.

Meanwhile, either I (a) have cancer, (b) have a hormone imbalance caused by stress (unlikely, if you ask me, given that stress hasn't caused that before), or (c) am galloping into menopause. I'm betting heavily on (c), but it's a pain, people, let me tell you. Who really wants to have a period every other week? And the fibroids I had embolized two years ago are still around--smaller, yes, but still around--and they probably don't help matters, either. Apparently I am not bleeding from quite enough places, so I managed to cut myself yesterday, too.

And, yes, Dave did, in fact, lose his job. He has a lot of contacts in his field, several of the businesses in his field are in or around this city, he has a lot of experience and talent (a tremendous amount of both, actually--he's done a LOT of stuff), and there are lot of people who know him and think highly of him (and rightly so), so here's hoping someone is smart enough to hire him.


Blogger kStyle said...

Let's say meopause. That sucks. Be sure to add extra protein and iron to your diet.

Dave--good luck getting a job! I hope someone sees your talent and hires you straightaway!

7:24 AM  

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