Sunday, July 02, 2006

Some Sleep, Please, with a Side of Don't Wake Me until Six

So despite being exhausted last night, I woke up a little after 4 this morning, putzed around a little, and then headed off to work, even though it's Sunday. Except the second train I need to take doesn't start running until 6:05, and I got to the station at 5:39. I walked to the first/next station, but then decided to take the train. When I got to work, Johnnie let me in (the door was locked, it being 6:15 and all), and Jefe came to find me as I changed my shoes. I had mixed a batch (about 50 pounds) of dough for the cinnamon raisin croissants, figuring Jefe and I could crank them out today for the week, I could load up pans for tonight's and Tuesday's bake, and be out of there by noon or, maybe, with luck, by 11 (i.e., in time to make it to a yoga class). Anyway, the ciabatta dough is usually in the walk-in on Saturday night, but not croissant dough, and the dishwasher, as his last thing, takes it out of the walk-in. All the dough goes in big grey buckets. Alas, there was no ciabatta dough, but there was croissant dough, but he didn't know that and took it out of the walk in, so it was seriously overproofed by the time Jefe came in, meaning . . . no making of the cinnamon raisin croissants today. (He wanted to call me but didn't know my cell number was posted--and I had to put shit on pans, anyway.) It wasn't a total loss, though: I made the dough today again, he'll laminate and freeze it tomorrow and take it out of the freezer first thing on Wednesday. I pounded the butter for his laminating tomorrow and, while I was at it, for the additional 16 pieces I'll be doing on Wednesday. I did some other stuff (put oats in to soak; put all those damned croissants on sheet pans; figured out next week's production runs; helped slice and bag hot dog, hamburger, and dinner buns), and got out of there by noon. Plus, I needed some bread for tomorrow's activities--four loaves to be exact; with my discount it would have been about $20, but he came out as I was paying and said, "Give me $10 for it." Can't beat that.

Meanwhile, today is my baby brother's 42nd birthday. How did it happen that I have a 42-year-old baby brother?

I was supposed to meet a friend this evening, but he forgot and ended up at his advisor's house in Michigan. Much as I want to see him, I'll be happier to see him later in the week when I'm better rested. I've made my linzer dough for tomorrow, and I'm about to make some dinner, and I'd better get some sleep tonight is all I have to say.


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