Monday, August 28, 2006

Buying the Girliness

Twisty is recovering from various surgeries (having all her woman-parts removed as a cancer-recurrence-prevention mechanism and having her ankle repaired), and she's in fine form with this post. That eyebrow thing about which I was bitching? Nothing compared to a--wait for it--sports corset. The comments are entertaining, too, especially the ones that point out that girliness and femininity are things that you buy at the mall and the one that coins the term "tanorexic," which word immediately made me think of my sister-in-law. She's such a bundle of contradictions: she's almost exactly ten years younger than I am, but, thanks to her tanning addiction, her skin makes her look at least ten years older. She got some sports scholarships for college (thanks to Title IX), and she now teaches Pilates and spinning classes at the local gym; she's in spectacular shape; and she got into mountain bike racing with my brother before my nephews came along. She doesn't wear a lot of girly crap; you're more likely to find her in a t-shirt, shorts, and a baseball cap, plus a knee brace, because she has destroyed one knee and is working on the other. On the other hand, when I say "tanning addiction," I am so not kidding, as anyone who's met her can testify. It's also not clear what color her hair really is, as it always has big blond stripes; I think it's actually dark brown, but I've never seen her without the streaking thing.

Ah, femininity; so much work, so much expense, just to prove you're really female. I've always thought it would just be cheaper to drop trou if someone really has doubts, but, of course, it's not femaleness that's in question, but femininity, which is a whole other thing.


Blogger kStyle said...

I recently had a nightmare that I moved to Paris, but wasn't feminine or graceful enough for the French women, who took to calling me "The Boar". How awful is that?

11:07 AM  
Blogger Emma Goldman said...

whoa! that IS scary!

and the french women would probably love you, in reality.

10:56 PM  

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