Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dirty Laundry

Because in this heat, in a bakery, all you do is sweat. That's not entirely true, in that you can find well-timed reasons to visit the walk-in refrigerator, the walk-in freezer, the (air-conditioned) cake decorating room, and Jefe's office, but for the part where you're working with dough, butter, etc., yeah: Sweat. I did manage to spend some time in Jefe's office, setting up his worksheets for his new fiscal year, however, and I managed to get out of there by 3:00 today, but that just meant coming home to a hot apartment--at least I can take off my clothes here.

Meanwhile, the local phone company lost some of my business today. I still have a land line, and I've had the same basic plan for years; my monthly bill was somewhere around $18. When I moved, I said I want the same plan. Little did I know that (a) I would be more than 15 miles away from J, and (b) I had a "local toll" portion of the program--about which I knew nothing, because I never made calls more than 15 miles from where I was living, unless they were long-distance calls, in which case Working Assets was my provider--which cost 16 cents PER MINUTE. Yes, you read that correctly. I got my phone bill yesterday and, instead of $20, they want $92. And five cents. Which they'll get, because it was, in fact, my plan, but I immediately called Working Assets and said, hey, whaddya charge for local toll calls? Turns out it's (a) way less than 16 cents per minute and (b) less than the local phone company's packages, too. I'm there!

I actually feel sorry for the people who work for the company (which I'm refusing to name). When I set up my local service, the first repair guy said he couldn't do it, there was a problem in the building, blah, blah, blah. When I tried to call about it (after the building's repair person couldn't do it), I got stuck in Automated System Hell. What a worthless piece of shit! By the time I hung up, I was ready to bash someone, despite the no-hitting rule. I called back and just pressed 0 until I got a person, and I made sure to tell her how shitty the automated system was. She (not surprisingly) already knew this, and said that she got that complaint all the damned time, but the company wasn't interested. When Repair Guy 2 came out, he fixed the problem promptly, said the first guy should have done it, and said the same thing when I complained about the automated repair thing. The company's employees (a) (since I'm on an enumerative roll here) know the system is a piece of shit, and (b) communicate it regularly to their managers, etc., but, of course, the automated system (c) makes it more difficult to actually get help (I'm sure some people just give up) and (d) allows them to cut people, which makes some MBA dweeb look good because he cut the bottom line. Never mind that they just lost a chunk of my business--that's on somebody else's budget sheet!

Working Assets, on the other hand, actually does a great job, and their prices are reasonable--and I enjoyed being able to tell the person at Stupid Phone Company that the package they had to offer was more expensive than the one to which I had just switched. I also sympathized with her--I can't imagine it's her ideal job--and told her so, because beating up on her wasn't particularly satisfying. She's not the one with the MBA.


Blogger Larry Jones said...

OK, then: Butter. Dough. Sweat. Say it ain't so, Goldie.

10:30 PM  
Blogger Emma Goldman said...

No, no, I do NOT sweat into the croissants.

4:34 AM  
Blogger Orange said...

I was envisioning salty croissants, too.

8:27 PM  

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