Thursday, August 10, 2006


Just to say that my mother called on on Monday to say she was sending me a check--and I asked her not to do that, and quietly told her I didn't like the strings she attached to money and that I'd work something out. Rather than, for example, apologizing for the things she'd said on Sunday, she hung up on me, so I'm not sure what's going to happen next.

In the comments to the last post, someone asked about my dad. Frankly, he'd be somewhat appalled; he's pretty unconditional in his support of me and always has been. My mom, not so much; much as she loves me, I really don't do much of anything the way she thinks I should. But I'm not putting my father in the middle of it, either. As for the he-earned-it part, interestingly enough, my dad has never looked at it as "his" money; he's much more of a feminist than my mother. That, however, is a subject for a longer post, one I don't have time to write right now.

I worked more than 10 hours yesterday--Jefe needed help at the end of the day putting green icing squiggles on wedding cake cookies. Overtime, baby!


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