Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekend Roundup

In case you missed it, here's a transcript of the Big Dog smacking down Chris Wallace on Faux News yesterday.
A commenter on another blog was driving me crazy a few weeks ago, and it took me awhile to figure out why: It's because she makes ad hominem arguments. Not AGAINST other commenters, mind you, but using himself (yes, I'm being vague about the person's genitalia and I'm not naming the blog); if I knew latin, I'd be able to figure out how to revise the phrase. That is, she says that she has this perspective/holds this position/is making this comment because she is a contrarian, because he is a [insert fierce animal here], because it's her nature to say these things. Okay, that's still not an argument. ("Yes it is." "No it's not." "Yes it is." "That's not an argument, that's merely contradiction.") Every last comment and "argument" is really about the commenter's experience in the world, and it really started to wear thin on one particular thread.
The fast cars were extremely fun, and from the position we took for the actual race, we could see turn 5 and turn 14. There was a big-ass crash (which we couldn't see until we got home and watched the tape), but despite the fact that the car pretty much exploded into pieces, the driver was okay. (The cars apparently are designed to break apart, which dissipates the force of the crash.) Crashing is not something this group plays up, and big crashes are an exception rather than the norm. We wandered around a good bit of the four-mile course on Saturday and again on Sunday morning, watching practice sessions and other races, so I had a sense of the course in my head to match up with the map; I also began to be able to tell where the cars were from the sound of them.
On the local guide, there was a full-page ad for a nearby inn. It had little pictures inset, along with descriptions of the things they had to offer. My favorite thing was a "glorified continental breakfast." I have a feeling the person who wrote their ad copy thought that "glorified" was the same as, say, "exquisite," or "glorious," or something like that. Sorry, no.
I'm feeling virtuous tonight, and not just because I did four loads of laundry today--semi-sequentially, because some bozos broke into the washers last Thursday night, disabling three of the four of them and preventing me from doing the laundry on Friday--and started to actually hang some shit on the walls. (About time, really.) I wanted to go out to dinner tonight, it being the Last Official Day of Vacation, but I restrained myself. It was partly inertia on my part; it felt like too much effort to find clothes, take a shower, etc., but I also decided that this month's expenditures were already too high. I went health insurance shopping today, and applied for some that'll cost $200/month if they approve me, which is less than I had budgeted, but I'm going to need to pay more than the minimum payment for my student loan, or I'll never pay it off. I wish we had a single-payer system that worked; this is just a pain. All in all, I want health insurance that's as good as, say, the health insurance that U.S. Congresspeople get.
I'll be entertained to see what's left of the three gazillion croissants I left strewn about in freezers last week. There should be hundreds left (literally--but there's a farmers' market Wednesday), but there's no telling what the overnight bakers did while I was gone. There might be several hundreds more than I planned; there might be very few. (I think the former's more likely).
Keep those fingers crossed for Dave . . .


Blogger Larry Jones said...

I don't get your beef about the commenter. Maybe (s)he's not trying to argue, but just, you know, comment. In any case, if you want an argument you'll have to pay for another five minutes...

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Dave, not craw said...

Ha, ha, ha, Larry.... love the Python reference. And thanks to everyone who may or may not have crossed their fingers, because I did, indeed land employment today, in the industry that I've been in for the last 21 years (laboratory supply). This new company sells medical gloves, so it's no stretch to say I'll be a good fit in the organization. I'll lend a hand wherever I can.

3:42 PM  
Blogger kStyle said...

Ha! Congratulations, Dave, and love the puns.

7:34 PM  
Blogger Orange said...

If the gloves do not fit, Dave, you must a-quit.

Emma, I hope you get that insurance 'cause $200 doesn't sound bad at all.

Did you ever see the old (~10 or 15 years ago) billboards or ads for The House on the Rock in Wisconsin? In blurb fashion, it promised "Prodigious! Cabalistic!" Methinks someone let an unlicensed individual near the thesaurus.

Now I'm off to read the transcript, 'cause I loves me some righteous Bill Clinton, I does...

8:25 PM  
Anonymous Ron Sullivan said...

Somehow I'd missed this post, but for the record I know what you mean. Showed up on Toad with some totally irrelevant but snide comment too. And no, those weren't comments; they were something like attempted but incoherent arguments. You know those people who say really stoopid things and then say they were just trying to make you think, as if they assumed you'd never had that novel experience. thinking, before?

10:02 PM  

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