Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ooooh, that smell . . .

that smell of wet plaster.

So after that last update, I realized that the walls and ceiling of the kitchen AND living room were oozing wetness, as was the hallway into the apartment (?!). I quickly moved the electronica, especially my computer, which I need to be able to earn enough to pay the rent, into the bedroom. I called the emergency number again, again got noone, so I went upstairs to the building manager's apartment (luckily I knew which one it was) and woke her up. She woke up the engineer, they started dealing with the problem, and I went off to work (sans shower, however, which makes me a little grumpy). Indeed, things had stopped dripping by the time I left, even if everything was still wet.

The building manager left a voice message for me around 9 am and said the problem was fixed, etc., and when I got home, it more or less was. There's still wet plaster, of course, and lumps and bubbles from said wetness, but--as the Polyanna in me noted--it could have been a hell of a lot worse. I need renter's insurance immediately, of course, but not owning a car makes that a little more difficult, evidently. I just kept thinking how lucky I was that it happened (a) at 4 am and not, say, 9 am, and (b) in the fall, meaning I can open my windows tomorrow to air things out. It's humid in this city in the summer, which would probably leave me moldy, but I'm hoping this will work out.

I'm beginning to think I was a really horrible person in a previous lifetime . . .


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