Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Water, Water, Everywhere

What I did not mention below is that my mother is still not talking to me. So yesterday my sister-in-law calls me and informs me that my mother has been suffering from congestive heart failure the past couple of weeks. Her kidneys have been failing slowly but steadily for the past five or ten years, and she's on a transplant list, but not quite yet on dialysis; looks like that's about to change. Presumably, that's why she had ten pounds or so of extra fluid. Of course, the diuretic they gave her had some kind of sulphur in it, to which she's allergic, so, after a couple of days, she started throwing up. She stopped taking that medication, but hasn't gotten through to the doctor (Monday was Yom Kippur and the doc hadn't called her back yesterday) since that. I called her on my way elsewhere (and, of course, she was still snotty to me; sickness doesn't deter my mother), but someone apparently came in so I'll have to call her back this morning on my way to work. My brother and SIL remain in the dark about the subject of my mother's pissation with me, though apparently my father mentioned to them that she had hung up on me without giving any details. I've restrained, rather than put my brother in the middle of it. And, really, the real reasons my mother's pissed off at me haven't changed in 48 years.


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