Friday, October 20, 2006

You Oughta Be in Pictures

Yesterday was something of a clusterfuck at the bakery, though in an instructive way. First off, Jefe is giving a "demonstration" on Sunday (yes, day after tomorrow), and the place he's presenting doesn't have any equipment, so he wanted to take a DVD with him. Except he doesn't have a camera, so he borrowed one. Except it isn't digital, it actually uses 8mm tape. Except he had no way to edit it. So I said, "Hey, I have iMovie, maybe that'll work." Except I have an old version of it, and the guy who transferred the file put it into a format that neither iMovie nor Quicktime can read, though the DVD does, in fact, play. I added bookmarks to it (though I suspect they're a function of my Mac, not on the disc itself), and, more important, wrote down what's where. I won't be able to move things around into the desirable order, and I won't be able to edit out the numerous shots of people's butts, but it'll be a nice backdrop, of approximately the correct length, for his demonstration.

While we were taking turns with the camera (Jefe and I did most of the filming and "performing," though a few other people made guest appearances), or, rather, in between times, Jefe was up in the ceiling, installing a hoist so he could hang his new machine (it makes little sourdough rolls that the Brazen Tart's restaurant is using; we're supplying their dinner rolls these days). We now have two machines hanging from the ceiling, as the muffin dropper is up there, too. But really, did we have to hang the machine the same day as we were doing all the filming? Apparently we did.

And, really, if he'd mentioned this a week ago, we could have gotten the video, in the correct format, and I could have purchased Tiger and iLife, which I've been intending to do anyway, and he could have had a first-class production, minus shots of people's butts. We give new meaning to the phrase "just in time."

He made an interesting comment today, though, after he returned from dropping off the tape, to the effect that the video guy wasn't exactly a baker. What he meant by that is that the guy was kind of yammering away, and dicking around, for 45 minutes, without actually doing anything with the tape, i.e., he could have begun a process while Jefe was there, instead of putting it off awhile. As I've said before, if I weren't female I wouldn't get to sit down all day some days--there isn't any time or space to put up your feet, or take a leisurely lunch, or surf Teh Internets. One of the problems into which I run occasionally--and Wednesday was a perfect example of this--is that I often have about an hour to kill while the dough gets cold, before I laminate it. So I volunteer for something, if I don't have almond filling to make, or pans to fill, or raisins to soak, or whatever. Wednesday I was making chocolate curls (with a big bar of chocolate and a potato peeler) to top this dessert thing we had to send to a local hotel. A hundred of them, as a matter of fact. Well, this took more than an hour, and it had to go out the door, and I wasn't going to stop in the middle, so I got behind with my own work. As a result, I've already worked 39 hours this week, and tomorrow's likely to be another long day, plus there was the three hours tonight in front of the computer. As I've said before, overtime, baby.

But I'm tired, and I'm fighting off a cold (with only some success; I've been hacking all day), and I still have to do a bunch of writing, and I'm working Sunday and Monday so I can do the bread class Tuesday through Thursday, for which I'll have to get up a half-hour earlier. I'm not really complaining, mind you, though I'm sure it reads that way (as I said to a friend earlier tonight, sleep is for the weak)--but it is bringing home to me the fact that I cannot do what I'm doing for the long haul, and probably not even for the medium haul, which means I have to figure out what I'm going to do instead. I still prefer the "win the lottery" option, but that's not been very successful.

So, in a display of weakness, I guess, I'm heading off to bed.


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