Thursday, November 02, 2006

Baby Got (Sore) Back

Yesterday's adventure featured a wrenched muscle in my lower back, which made even the simplest activities painful. I loaded up on ibuprofen and i gently stretched what I could when I could, but I really did a number on myself. I eventually headed home, thinking I'd maybe do a little gentle yoga, take a hot bath and then make some dinner and then vegetate in front of the television, but noooooooo. They started working on my living room yesterday, which means all of my furniture except the desk is piled in one corner of the living room or shoved into the kitchen, and everything's covered in plastic; and it smells like wet plaster in here as well. While I suppose I could have cleared enough crap away from the kitchen table to make dinner, I'm let someone else cook for me instead (though my original choice, a crunchy-granola place a few blocks away, wasn't accepting credit cards, so I had to go elsewhere), and then I took that hot bath, and then I went to bed. I am definitely glad they're cleaning this place up, too; I was getting tired of looking at the stains and having loose paint fall on the floor.

My back/hip feels much better this morning--still tweaked, and serving as a reminder that I really must figure out a way to integrate yoga into my life again, but not as bad as yesterday. The bath/ibuprofen/sleep combo definitely helped. With any luck, they'll be done with my apartment when I get home today, and, with better luck, they will have moved the heavy stuff back to approximately where it belongs.


Anonymous Ron Sullivan said...


FWIW, I swear by ibuprofen, plus drinking lots of water. OK, also drinking, period, but.

11:32 PM  
Blogger Emma Goldman said...

Yeah, I've totally loaded up on the ibuprofen, and the drinking of beverages, both fermented and non, though mostly non. (I suppose it's possible to drink while baking, but there's just too many big machines around to do it safely--I keep wrecking myself as it is.)

5:04 AM  
Blogger Emma Goldman said...

or, really, there ARE too many big machines . . .

5:05 AM  

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