Friday, November 03, 2006

Lemon Tea

About two weeks ago, the radio was tuned to one of the local rock stations (and thank the deities for that--lately Brad has been putting the country station on, and it makes me want to stab him) and "Let It Be" came on. Phil started singing along, except he was singing "Lemon tea, lemon tea . . ." I'm pretty sure he was just goofing around.

Then, yesterday, Leon the dishwasher was up in the crawl space getting down Christmas decorations, which are stored in big plastic tubs. He must have asked a question about whether to bring down this thing or that, because Jefe called out, "Bring down everything that's not a bunny." Which still cracks me up. He brought down an animatronic Santa, who sings and dances (it's about four feet tall); he has a bakery box in his hand, and all I have to say is, if there were a cake in that box, it would be destroyed. I think it's demented--I also think it's demented that they're putting out the Christmas stuff already--but nobody asked me.

What you have asked me about, however, is croissant shapes. Imagine a long triangle of dough. You start at the wide end and roll it up, which gets you the layers of layers. You can put it on the pan just like that, or you can bring the ends around to meet, or somewhere in between. In our bakery, we don't curve the good ones at all. Rumor has it that in France it's either law or tradition that the ones made with butter aren't curved but the ones made with margerine are. We curve the margerine ones and glue the points together with egg wash because the customer wants to make sandwiches out of them. As noted, I hate handling that shit--it makes me feel nasty, and not in a good way.

Meanwhile, they have done some kind of work on my apartment today--the primer can is turned around, so someone was in here--but (a) it is by no means done, and (b) it smells bad in here; it makes me cough, actually. I suspect it's dust, fumes, or both. And my furniture is still piled in a corner. I think I'm going to drag it out of the corner for the weekend--I doubt they'll be up here tomorrow or Sunday. I know I shouldn't complain about it--it could be worse, etc.--but it's a pain. I basically don't have the use of half of my apartment until they're done. Eh; they'll be done sooner or later, I suppose.


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